6 more new cases of Covid-19 in Hai Duong


On the afternoon of February 20, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic control informed about 6 new cases of Covid-19 (BN2363- 2368) recorded in the country in Hai Duong.

Case 2363-2368 (BN2363-BN2368): Recorded 6 cases in the country in Hai Duong, all F1, has been concentrated previously. Currently, there are 2 patients being isolated and treated at Field Hospital No. 1 – Chi Linh City Medical Center and 4 patients are isolated and treated at Field Hospital No. 2 of Technical University. Hai Duong Health.
Thus, up to now, Vietnam has 2368 people with Covid-19, 1,627 cured cases, 35 deaths.

On the same day, according to information from the Treatment Sub-Committee – National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, a 60-year-old patient with Covid-19 in Hai Duong province was still in critical condition. This morning, this patient received an ECMO (artificial heart and lung device).
Presently, the patient’s lungs are clumped and must be dialysis. The doctor diagnoses a patient with Covid-19 pneumonia with ARDS complications (progressive respiratory failure). Before that, this 60-year-old patient was hospitalized at noon on February 18 at Hai Duong Field Hospital No. 2.

Six days before he was found positive, she developed a fever. On February 17, he had high fever and shortness of breath, so he went to Kinh Mon Town Medical Center to test and got a positive result. This man used to have malaria 30 years ago.
Patients hospitalized in severe condition, requiring non-invasive mechanical ventilation, the prognosis is very severe when the oxygen saturation index in the blood (SP02) is only 70%..

One day after discovering the disease, on the morning of February 19, the doctor assessed the patient was critical, did not respond to non-invasive mechanical ventilation (HFNC), so he had to be intubated, ventilated, treated in the Resuscitation Room. positive. With a very serious and critical patient condition, on the afternoon of February 19, at the national online consultation for severe Covid-19 cases, doctors here consulted experts from the bridge points to place ECMO ( heart and lung equipment) for the patient.

In addition to the male critical 60-year-old patient above, there is also a case of 1,536 (a 79-year-old woman returning from the US) who is being treated at Da Nang Lung Hospital, has turned 35 days of treatment, running ECMO from the day 2/2. This patient is critical, more severe than the case 91 (British pilot) on the old background, many chronic diseases. The third critical case is case 1,823 (in Me Linh district, Hanoi). Case 1,823 was intervention ECMO (heart equipment, artificial lungs) to the sixth day.

Source: Kinh te do thi VN

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