What is V2L?

V2L is for Vietnamese Language Lovers. Or Vietnamese to Love, Vietnamese to Learn, or even Vietnamese as a Second Language.

Everyone will have a different outtake – my favorite is Vietnamese to Live. Speaking a language is the first step to breaking down cultural barriers, developing mutual understanding and harmony: or more simply, living better. Our aim at V2L is helping people adapt to opstimise their work-life experience here – even those visiting for the first time.



V2L provides one-on-one tuition and group classes for a maximum 6 students.

Our programs are designed for tourists, salaried and stay-at-home expats, or Viet Kieu. We can accommodate anyone who is committed to learn.

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It depends on what you need. Enough to get by on holiday will make any first experience of Vietnam truly unforgettable. Or you may want to access exclusively Vietnamese websites for amazing deals. You may wish to avoid feeling awkward in meetings, when everyone barely understands you. Or you may wish to surely order food street-side in rural Vietnam and become an instant celebrity. But look out, Vietnamese love to party!

Our approach to vocabulary improvement is analytical. By understanding the compound word, students get the building blocks of understanding. Knowing how to correctly replace those  increases vocabulary and practical application. Which sounds baffling. But, you’ll be happy to know, despite the exquisite tonal inflections, Vietnamese is an eminently sensible language, which oddly, like English can be wrongly ordered, yet remain entirely understandable..

   Interface friendly learning at V2L

Successful and senior talent choose our tutors as we match their busy schedules and ensure they succeed You will get the opportunity to interact , extend your network, boost your new confidence in Vietnamese, even possibly meet new business partners.

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After over 7 years of experience in language instruction, Tien has first-hand understanding of the most effective way to learn Vietnamese. One of the first to develop personalized teaching, she is dedicated to supporting expats with what some consider to be one of the most challenging world languages.

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Passionate about teaching,  she loves building new friendships and guiding students on their own Vietnam journey as they discover a love of culture, country, and community.

Excellent organizational skills with the ability to make the complex simple. An efficient and rapid-study, Tien is always eager to take-on new challenges, or explore new concepts and ideas.

Her personal motto: “The Difference Between your Dreams and Reality is Action”.