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Vietnamese Food Culture

viet food

Vietnamese food culture is a beautiful traditional cultural feature of the nation. It is expressed through the selection, preparation, presentation, and enjoyment of food. Food selection Vietnamese people believe that food must be clean and safe to eat. The types of food used in Vietnamese meals are often fresh and have a clear source.   […]

How to use Soha Dictionary

tu dien soha

How to use Soha Dictionary (English-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Vietnamese) Soha Dictionary is a free online Vietnamese dictionary that provides translations from English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to Vietnamese. It is a useful tool for foreigners who are learning Vietnamese or who need to translate Vietnamese text. English-Vietnamese To translate from English to Vietnamese, follow these steps: […]

Great decoration places within center for Christmas in Saigon 2023


Where to Celebrate Christmas in Saigon 2023: A Guide to a Tropical Christmas Getaway Christmas might just be the most beautiful time of the year with its glittering lights, chilly air, and sparkling Christmas trees. As winter approaches, and if you’re still unsure where to spend Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City in 2023, fret […]

Blogs: Exploring the three religions only in Vietnam – Cao Đài, Hòa Hảo, and Đạo Mẫu

ton giao

Vietnam is a country with a diverse and rich culture, of which religion is an important part. In addition to religions originating from the East such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, Vietnam also has a number of indigenous religions that have been formed and developed from within the nation itself. Among them, Cao Đài, Hòa […]

Reading : TẾT NGUYÊN ĐÁN – Lunar New year


TẾT NGUYÊN ĐÁN “Nguyên đán” có nghĩa là đầu “năm mới” theo âm lịch. Với người Việt, đây là tết lớn nhất trong năm. Có nhiều lễ cúng và những phong tục hay trong dịp tết này.  Cúng giao thừa: “Giao thừa” là khoảng thời gian giao nhau giữa năm cũ và năm mới. Người […]

Reading: Quán vỉa hè – Street restaurant

quan via he

Do sự phát triển của kinh tế, cuộc sống bận rộn nên người ta muốn ăn uống đơn giản, tiện lợi. Không phải những nhà hàng sang trọng, mà chính những quán ăn uống vỉa hè có ý nghĩa lớn đối với người dân lao động.  Quán vỉa hè có hai loại là quán nước […]

Five Spine-Chilling Halloween Hotspots in Ho Chi Minh City for 2023

Experience a terrifying Halloween night at 5 amazing restaurants” by Men’s Folio Vietnam introduces 5 Halloween party venues in Ho Chi Minh City in 2023. These venues are all decorated in a Halloween theme with a spooky, eerie atmosphere, suitable for those who love the thrill of experiencing. Here is detailed information about each venue: […]

Unveiling Ho Chi Minh City’s Uncharted Pubs: Affordable Hideouts Loved by Local Youth

Ho Chi Minh City harbors a vibrant nightlife beyond the Google-recommended spots. For those seeking unique and affordable experiences, the city hosts a roster of hidden gems known amongst Vietnamese youth. These pubs, discreetly tucked away from the mainstream scene, offer both budget-friendly options and an authentic local vibe. 1. The Iron Bank – Cocktail […]

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