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From romantic love to admiration for the Vietnamese people and culture: Dunggee and Vy Pham

Dung and Vy

           Dung gee and his wife Vy Pham, two well-known figures on the popular software platform Tiktok with more than 2 millions followers, are household names in Vietnam. Aside from the humorous videos that are popular among today’s youth, everyone must adore the beautiful love story. The fairy tale of Dung […]

Traveling tips: My Son Sanctuary – mysterious beauty of the world

dieu mua Apsara o thanh dia my son

My Son Sanctuary is a familiar name for domestic and foreign tourists, especially for those who love to discover ancient cultural features. If you travel to Da Nang but still want to discover more places in the surrounding areas, you can visit  the My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam Province. Where is My Son Sanctuary […]

Traveling tips: Roadtrip from Saigon to Vung Tau


Photo: collect Traveling to Vung Tau by motorbike is an interesting experience that you should try. 1. Saigon Road – National Highway 1A – Highway 51 – Vung Tau The specific route is as follows: If you start from the center of Saigon, you will move through Dien Bien Phu Street, cross the Saigon Bridge […]

9 hot check-in spots in Nha Trang

sigovn hon mun va hon tam nha trang

Discover Nha Trang through 9 hot check-in spot Summer day is so hot, guys, take off your tight office clothes, find a place to hide the air conditioner, immerse yourself in nature to experience life with Sigo. Today Sigo will tell you 9 famous tourist destinations, checkin hot in the beautiful coastal city of Nha […]

Top Street Foods in HCMC


1. Cháo lòng Út- Cô Giang (Mrs. Ut – Co Giang’s porridge heart) Famous as a long-standing porridge burden in Saigon, the place  welcoming Ba Ut sold for 80 years is one of the many popular restaurants in Saigon. Address: 193 Cô Giang, district 1, HCMC Opening hours: 6h00 – 11h00 Price:  10.000 VND – […]

6 more new cases of Covid-19 in Hai Duong


On the afternoon of February 20, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic control informed about 6 new cases of Covid-19 (BN2363- 2368) recorded in the country in Hai Duong. Details: Case 2363-2368 (BN2363-BN2368): Recorded 6 cases in the country in Hai Duong, all F1, has been concentrated previously. Currently, there are 2 patients being […]

Vietnam Currency & Exchange Rate

banks currency

Getting to know a new currency is just as fun as learning a new language. Although It can be complicated at first, with a little practice, you will master it quickly. When you have a chance to take multi-country Indochina tours, it might be essential and difficult for you to learn the currency of these […]

Automatic renewal of temporary residence for foreigners affected due to Covid-19

immigration vietnam

Following the direction of the Prime Minister and leaders of the Ministry of Public Security on the continuation of “automatic extension of temporary residence” for foreigners affected by Covid-19 who cannot leave yet, the Administration Department Immigration management notice: 1. Foreigners who enter on a visa-free basis or enter with an e-visa or tourist visa […]

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