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Vietnamese foods: Top 7 delicious Ben Tre dishes “knocked down” everyone

ben tre food

Top 7 delicious Ben Tre dishes “knocked down” everyone Ben Tre is the paradise of coconut, so everything here has the appearance of coconut, including food. Let’s take a look at Ben Tre delicious dishes with the appearance of “coconut” as well as many other unique delicacies! Ben Tre delicacies 1. Coconut rice This dish […]


champa binhdinh

Along the strip of Vietnam today in ancient times existed three countries. In general, the north is Dai Viet territory, the central area is the area of ​​the cultural kingdom of Champa and the south is part of the territory of Phu Nam kingdom. Source of Cham culture corner The Champa culture was developed from […]

Vietnamese foods: Vietnamese noodle specialties

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1. Hủ tíu Dì Năm Sadec – Bánh Tằm Bì The Quan’s specialty is Hu tiu. In addition, the restaurant has many delicious dishes in the menu for you to choose from. Hu tieu is a specialty of the southwestern region. Silkworm cake is a dish made from Vietnamese rice. This is a dish that […]

Traveling tips: The coffee shop is “built” on an old tree with the name “unique” in Mien Tay.

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Taking advantage of the tall trees next to the tower, the professor designed a unique cafe on the tree, so that he can drink coffee on the tree while blocking the river. This unique cafe is located on the bank of the embankment of Hau river, Nɪn Ki District (Can Tho City). The shopkeeper is […]


dao phu quy

Travel experience Phu Quy island – an attractive destination of Binh Thuan Introduction Phu Quy island / Phu Quy Island is located, what’s beautiful? Phu Quy Island is a small district in Binh Thuan province with an area of ​​16 km2, located about 120 km from the center of Phan Thiet city. Many people also […]

Blog: Salt harvest a labor of love in Nha Trang

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Hon Khoi salt field of coastal town Nha Trang represents a unique link between farmers and nature. Hon Khoi is located in Ninh Hoa Town, south-central Khanh Hoa Province, about 45 kilometers from Nha Trang’s center. Covering ​​about 400 hectares, it is considered one of the largest salt fields in Vietnam.A busy day of salt […]

Vietnamese food: Saigon noodle stall famed for three-decade crab infusion

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Well-seasoned noodle soup with crab meat at a Saigon shop has long enchanted locals despite its unusual price tag. A food stall at 84 Dinh Tien Hoang Street in District 1 has been a popular address for crab dishes in Saigon for 27 years. From outside, the small stall looks no different from many other […]

Traveling tips: Enjoy a view of the beautiful “Ha Long Bay in the autumn” as beautiful as a fairy in An Giαng


Possessing a charming landscape of the country and considered as an underground “fairy tale”, Truc Lam An Giang Zen Monastery is becoming a cultural – spiritual tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists.Possessing a charming landscape of the country and considered as an underground “fairy tale”, Truc Lam An Giang Zen Monastery is becoming […]

Blog: Motorbike for rent

For a country where public transportation is not really popular and motorbikes are everywhere like in Vietnam, owning a motorbike is extremely important. You can rent or buy yourself a durable, cheap and affordable car. Please refer to the following bike models to equip yourself with knowledge when living in Vietnam:   1. Honda Wave […]

Blog: A Mid-Autumn Delight: Embark on a Culinary Journey of Ho Chi Minh City’s Mooncakes


There will be an event not to be missed on August 15, lunar calendar. That is the Mid-Autumn Festival – the Reunion Festival. When mentioning the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is impossible not to mention moon cakes – an indispensable dish and gift for meetings with friends and family gatherings. Traditional mooncakes feature a rich, dense […]

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