Traveling tips: Trip to Diep Son Island from A – Z

sigovn nhin tren cao dao diep son van ninh khanh hoa

I am pretty sure that everyone knows where MALDIVES – an beautiful well known island where many couples chose for honey moon week.

However, have you ever heard about MALDIVES OF VIETNAM?

Let’s explore  Diep Son Island , here is experience for the “escape” trip from A – Z  to the blue sea


Diep Son Island: is a series of 3 small islands, located in the waters of Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa.
sigovn nhin tren cao dao diep son van ninh khanh hoa

Here are some experience from Diep Son trip:
We can see obviously the limit between  the white sandy road and  the two sides with smooth, blue water.
You don’t need to worry, because the highest tide comes only to the navel, there is no need to be afraid because the sea water is so calm.
The feeling of walking in the ocean, watching how fish swim is self-defined!
? Walk on that same road through 3 islands.
On the third island, when the tide goes down, the road will split into two beaches. This double beach, one side is hot, the other is cold. The mystery is there!

images5371719 DPN

* How to go to Diep Son? ? ?
– I’m going to camp overnight. At night, take the car from Saigon to Phu Yen, tell the driver to get off at Van Gia port, then take a motorbike taxi to the port only about 2km. Go there and wait for the canoe to go to the island. Ah! I heard that electricity on the island is only available from 6pm to 9pm, so after 9pm you have to move on your own.
– From here you take high-speed train to the island for 200K / way (round trip) of Diep Son Quan. Up there, there is each service of this company, right at the wharf. The boat goes to Diep Son from 9:00 to 11:00, depending on the country every day. The time the train returns to the mainland is about 5 to 6 am. Train running about 30 to 40 minutes will reach Diep Son.

– On occasions of holidays, the canoes are seen infrequently and continuously. As for weekdays, if you go during the day, if you do not camp overnight, you should go to 8am – 9am trip. Back then, there are flights from 13:00, 14:00 and 16:00.

+ Where to eat – stay

– You can stay in a hut for 400K or sleep in a 200K tent in Diep Son Quan. For cheaper, cheaper, you should stay at a village’s house with a cost of about 80K / day.

The huts in Diep Son. @Mai Ly
– You can eat there because you see Diep Son Quan contractor for the whole area near the sea road, the food here is quite delicious, there is a very delicious sim chili sauce. I see that the food here is suitable for everything, affordable price has not been cut.
sigovn thue leu tai dao diep son
+ Pros: It was fun to stay at the hut nearby, all afternoon I played and showered with the kids, there were some mossy dogs. At night, he was able to check squid, shrimp, and catch grilled fish with children working at that restaurant and Mr. Bay was handsome and unforgettable. Leaning back for a while and opening my eyes, it was dawn, the cool wind was very pleasant and fresh.

+ Disadvantage: Because it is in the hut, it does not fan, close to nature, so there are many mosquitoes, if you want to sleep well, remember to get mosquito nets. There are no mattresses here. Those who are not used to sleeping will find it difficult to sleep.

+ Play place
– Go kayaking and sightseeing, walking on the sea. At noon here is the best time, at that time the sprint is a little bit, you can walk to the small island connecting the other side. Enter the villagers’ village, climb up the mountain to see the whole view.
– Diep Son Island is beautiful but is probably the tourist season and this is a hot place so it is very touristy. From 7am to 2pm, a lot of people are crowded, only in the afternoon from 16:00 is quiet and peaceful I like this late afternoon best, watching the sea, playing with dogs, digging for S Sung …
sigovn dao diep son khanh hoa sigovn luu lai khoanh khac y nghia doi minh tai dao diep son

Add some important information on how to calculate tide (sprint)
? Whether Diep Son is beautiful or not depends on this issue as well:
– From 1 to 15 lunar calendar: afternoon sprint.
– From 15 to the end of the lunar month: morning sprint.
* Close cost:
– Passenger car from Saigon – Van Gia: 400,000 VND / round trip / person.
– Canoes to Diep Son island: 200,000 VND / round trip / person
. – Tent rental: 200,000 VND / night / 2 people.
– Costs incurred: Your own consideration!
kinh nghiem du lich dao diep son c
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