Traveling tips: My Son Sanctuary – mysterious beauty of the world

dieu mua Apsara o thanh dia my son

My Son Sanctuary is a familiar name for domestic and foreign tourists, especially for those who love to discover ancient cultural features. If you travel to Da Nang but still want to discover more places in the surrounding areas, you can visit  the My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam Province.

Where is My Son Sanctuary located?
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My Son Sanctuary is a famous landmark located about 70 km from Da Nang. This is a place in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam. There was a time when the My Son Sanctuary was forgotten for a long time. It was not until 1885 that it was discovered again. In 1999, My Son Sanctuary was honored by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this is considered a symbol of Asian civilization. Today, with its distinctive features in architecture and cultural values ​​hidden in every detail, this place attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and find out about the significance of literary value. old chemistry.
The My Son Sanctuary is located in a valley about 2 km in diameter, surrounded by mountains and hills. This used to be the place where the ancient rituals were held, as well as the tomb area of ​​the kings of mandarins and royal princes of the Cham Pa dynasties at that time. It can be said that what remains until today are very precious things. In addition to the cultural and tourist meanings, these are also valuable documents of archeology to learn about the old days.

How to move to My Son Sanctuary
In order to be able to move here, visitors can go by motorbike, car, … the way to get here is quite easy to go, so it will not make it difficult for tourists. For those who love to explore, are passionate about traveling, you can choose to travel by motorbike so that on the way you can immerse yourself in nature and watch the most majestic mountain views on both sides of the road. The journey from Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary has many eye-catching scenes that will make everyone’s journey of discovery more meaningful and attractive.

Ticket price to visit My Son Sanctuary
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Foreign visitors: 150,000 VND / ticket / person,
Vietnamese guests: 100,000 VND / ticket / person
Opening time for visitors to visit from 6:30 – 17:00 all days of the year


What is My Son Sanctuary?

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The My Son relic complex is a historical complex with many profound and typical cultural values ​​that must be mentioned as a witness bearing a long history of grace. The My Son relic complex has more than 70 temples and towers with different styles of sculptural architecture. Each style represents a certain historical period of the Champa kingdom at that time. Architectural styles here are divided into 6 categories: nostalgic style, Hoa Lai style, Dong Duong style, My Son style, PoNagar style and the style of Binh Dinh people.

Most of the architecture and sculptures in My Son are influenced by Hindu culture. One of the most prominent features of Cham sculpture is the strong spirit, expressing the vitality of the human being with the spirit of flexibility, when it is refreshing and calm, sometimes it is calm and quiet.


The imprint of Champa cultural architecture in the My Son Sanctuary

The masterpiece of My Son Sanctuary not only carries cultural imprints of Champa architecture but also has the breath of Southeast Asian architecture. All Cham towers are pyramidal. The reason for this is the symbol of Mount Meru, where in the Hindu view it is the residence of Hindu gods.

As a rule of nature, the direction of the rising sun is west so the gates are built westward to catch the sun. The decorative motifs at My Son Sanctuary are all carved sandstone with the main images of animals with sharp fangs and long spout, with the meaning of protecting the wall. At each different stage, there is an impressive own cultural mark, expressing the cultural value of each certain period.


Overall relics

In general, My Son relic consists of two opposite hills, and streams have accidentally become natural boundaries to easily divide the zones into 4 zones A, B, C, D. Inside the main tower in My Son holy land, there is a large Linga – Yoni set worshiping, this is a symbol of cultural prosperity. At each frequency there are two doors on both sides decorated with sophisticated patterns.Activities at My Son SanctuaryTime has passed for a long time, the war has also devastated this place very heavily, but what is left always brings in itself mysterious beauty, unique architectural features with distinct marks of Champa culture. It is the difference that has attracted many tourists to visit and learn. In particular, for children under 15 years old will be free of charge to visit. All the guides here are very friendly, enthusiastic and extremely hospitable. And the special thing is that they always have a strong national self-esteem.

Discover Champa Culturethanh dia my son Da NangMy Son Sanctuary not only has distinctive architectural marks but also hides the extremely unique cultural and spiritual values ​​of the Cham people. Cham dances are gentle, flexible, unique and attractive. In addition, there are many other special art activities to serve visitors such as folk performing arts, fire biting dance, ceremony dance, water team dance, … when visiting, experience in this famous tourist destination.Particularly for those who love to take pictures, love virtual life, this is also an ideal place for you to save the most impressive pictures because the space here is mysterious, mysterious, but also no less poetic, attractive, … Certainly those factors will create enchanting pictures or movies.Besides My Son Sanctuary, there are many famous places that many other people visit such as Tra Kieu Church, Our Lady of Tra Kieu, Sa Huynh – Champa Cultural Museum, …In addition to visiting, learning about the culture and enjoying the dances of the graceful Cham girls, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy extremely delicious specialties bearing the culinary culture of the Cham people. Those are dishes such as flour cake, Tam Ky chicken rice, Quang Nam green eel porridge, nest cake, Quang noodles, …

Kate Festival

Le Hoi Kate o thanh dia My Son

An advice for visitors when visiting at My Son Sanctuary should come on the occasion of the Kate festival. Then surely your trip will be more complete and meaningful. Because during the festival, you will be able to witness with your own eyes many deeply meaningful customs and rituals displayed at the festival such as the ceremony, procession, procession of water and Katte, cultural exchanges, performances of Cham ethnic musical instruments, Cham dances by graceful and flexible artists, …The festivals held are both an opportunity for people to gather together, an occasion where visitors can learn about Champa culture, and also a way to preserve and promote the special traditional cultural values.Thousand year old street in  My Son Holy Land.

A highlight when visiting at My Son Sanctuary that tourists should not miss is the thousand-year-old road in My Son Holy Land. This is the path discovered by Indian experts during the excavation and restoration of this relic. This road is up to 8m wide, according to old documents recorded, this is the way for the ancient king to move to the central temple and tower area to worship and perform important rituals.

After being unearthed at a depth of more than a meter, experts have to admire the sophisticated and ingenious lines that the ancients have built to have a first way. art like that. The road is built from the main raw materials are terracotta and special additives and adhesives that have yet to be answered. The ancients must say that it is very ingenious and ingenious to be able to create such remarkable architectural works.

Fanciful Apsara dance

dieu mua Apsara o thanh dia my son

The My Son holy relic complex is not only unique with the architectural features bold Champa culture, ancient dances attract the curious interest of visitors or cultural imprints that have no explanation until today but also by the ancient vestiges of a culture with a long history. Not only cultural value, this place also contains values ​​of history, architecture, art and sculpture, all of which create a unique My Son sanctuary that visitors cannot miss in his tour.

Only about 70 km from Da Nang city, if you are looking for tourist destinations in Da Nang, do not forget to note this My Son holy place.


My Son Sanctuary in the adjacent Quang Nam province will definitely make your trip more meaningful and complete. Above, Hanami Hotel Danang has shared impressive and useful information about the My Son Sanctuary – a famous place in Vietnam that we are very proud to be recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Wish you will have happy travel tours with friends and relatives at My Son Sanctuary.

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