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Travel experience Phu Quy island – an attractive destination of Binh Thuan Introduction Phu Quy island / Phu Quy Island is located, what’s beautiful? Phu Quy Island is a small district in Binh Thuan province with an area of ​​16 km2, located about 120 km from the center of Phan Thiet city. Many people also call Phu Quy island with names such as: Cu Lao Khoai Xu, Cu Lao Thu, Co Long, Thuan Tinh, … This island is fortunate to be endowed with rich natural resources and landscapes. beautiful scene.


– From Saigon, we ride on

+ Phuong Trang (028).38.309.309 + Tam Hanh, .(028).3920.9665

+ kumho Samco :(028).3511.6861

from Saigon – Phan Thiet about 11pm (but only until 12am). The car runs at night so it is about 3 and a half hours to arrive. Get off at Phuong Trang ticket office at 112 Ton Duc Thang, then report the bus to the pier to Phu Quy Island. Getting to the pier is around 4am. So we wandered around the pier, watching the stars, counting boats. There is also a water shop nearby for customers to go to Phu Quy to wait.

– About 6 o’clock than the pier is open, then go straight into the waiting house, continue to wait.

– From Phan Thiet to Phu Quy Island, there are 3 shipping lines, we are wondering between Phu Quy Express and Superdong, but due to coming early, waiting for a little while, we choose the first ship Superdong. The difference between these 2, I will note clearly below.

– It takes about 2 and a half hours, floating in the ocean for us to arrive at the Island.

Note: – If you want more time to rest, you can move to Phan Thiet early and rent a house to stay across the dike, get up to the pier so you will have time to rest and not have to pretend early.

– The tickets of the other two companies are equal and luckily, I have both experienced these two airlines (go to Superdong, return to Phu Quy Express) so my sense is that Phu Quy Express is more ok if you are prone to seasickness. Phu Quy train has your bed ah. Up, just lie down, sleep 1 sleep to arrive.

– Should book train tickets in advance, gentlemen, as soon as possible. Book through the company’s websites .. The tip when booking on the Phu Quy airline site is that you will only be able to choose a one-way bed, the other one-way bed is required to choose a seat. The solution is to separate the odd book.



– There are many small motels and hotels on the Island. Although the quality is not equal to hotels in big cities, it is also quite clean and the price is also reasonable. Average hotel from: 250k – 300k.

– I booked Hoang Phu Phu Quy Hotel with sea view of things. The owner is very cute, everyone, right quality service. You should still print your page to book a room first. By the way, we also rent a car here.

– Here Phu Quy has a special thing that when you contact to rent a car, when you first arrive on the island, you will get the car, run to the hotel and then when you return, also run out to right at the port. fear of losing. There will be a car rental here to pick you up and return the car.



– It must be said that the seafood on the island is very fresh, delicious and cheap. We eat Sea Food. Good food, affordable price. If you go to this restaurant, you should go a little early.

– Most of the snack restaurants are plan cakes, with super cheap prices. There are a few milk tea shops, snails, rice paper mixed other things in the center of the island, near the restaurant area


– Our schedule is summarized as follows: Day 1 to noon pick up hotel, afternoon go 1 round to preview the shooting location, morning 2 tour on island Tranh, afternoon take a virtual life around the island, morning Day 3, wake up and watch the sunrise and then continue to 1 round the island. Done back to the hotel to rest. 12am to the pier, board the train back to Phan Thiet.

The places we visit:

– Vịnh Triều Dương
– Dốc Phượt
– Cột cờ chủ Quyền
– Bãi Nhỏ –
Bãi Đá đảo phú Quý

(excellent sunrise)

– Gành Hang

(early morning)

– Hồ Vô Cực

– Bè Cá Làng Dương
– Mộ Thầy + hồ cá


kinh nghiem du lich dao phu quy 21

– Núi Cao Cát + Chùa Linh Sơn
– Phong Điện
– Bờ kè bãi Lăng
– Hòn Tranh :This tour must book, usually hotels and motels all have tour connections, so just book at your stay.


– Round trip train ticket: 700k / person – Round trip ticket: 280k / person – Room fee: 400k / person – Car rental + Gasoline: 120k / person – Painting island tour: 250k / person – Eating: 500k / person – A total of about 2 million refill, because some of the amount will be less if you go crowded like dining or room.

Above is a personal impression of our trip last week Below the post there will be a detailed schedule of dates. For your reference Thank you everyone for reading here









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