Vietnamese foods: Vietnamese noodle specialties

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1. Hủ tíu Dì Năm Sadec – Bánh Tằm Bì
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The Quan’s specialty is Hu tiu. In addition, the restaurant has many delicious dishes in the menu for you to choose from. Hu tieu is a specialty of the southwestern region.

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Silkworm cake is a dish made from Vietnamese rice. This is a dish that can be eaten as a snack or eaten, popular in the western part of Vietnam

Price : 446.512-69.767

address :83D Bui Thi Xuan, P Pham Ngu Lao, District 1

open – close : 07:00-14:00 and 16:00-22:00

2. Bánh Canh Cua
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Banh canh is a Vietnamese dish. The banh canh consists of a broth cooked from shrimp, fish and pork rolls, and is seasoned according to the type of banh canh. Bread soup can be made from rice flour, flour, flour or tapioca or rice flour mixed with tapioca. The cake is made from dough that is rolled into sheets and cut into large and short fibers.

price : 60.000 – 150.000
address : 8 Ton That Dam , District 1

open – close : 07:00-11:00

3 Phở Sạch

Northern specialty noodle dishes

price : 55.000 ~~~
address : 117 Huynh Man Dat , District 5

open – close : 06:00-1:00

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Here in addition to pho water and pho mixed together, there is also a hot pot for 1 person, so I am a bit attracted to me. We ordered 2 dishes: Special 69k Pho Mix, fragrant 55k beef ball pho, and 1 person hotpot Combo 79k – The pho here is strange in that I will be able to choose different types of toppings to eat, there are 8 types of ribs, beef balls and cornflakes, buckets of things. Depending on the bowl size, the appropriate amount of topping will be chosen. – In general, I am most fascinated with pho here, fresh, chewy pho, I put it in a hotpot continuously, without any problems. the restaurant I used to eat. The better meat is quite fresh, a sufficient part, the most charming is the bold beef ball and the broth is rich and fragrant. The space below is quite narrow due to the kitchen, but upstairs the dining room is spacious, comfortable, with air-conditioning, cute staff, so I have to try strong.

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Pho Mix special 69k

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Choose from toppings to eat, there are 8 types of ribs, beef balls and cornflakes, and all kinds of dandruff.

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fragrant beef noodle soup 55k



5 . Bánh Canh Chả Cá Phan Thiết


Here sell delicious soup cakes, the water is not salty and not sweet. Especially, fish cake made from 100% mackerel has no other chemical additives. Clean and airy shop can sit indoors or in the street. The service is also very ok. Eat here not pik many times already. In short, delicious, reasonably priced


A bowl of fish cake soup is scooped out clear with thin strands of banh canh, with the yellow color of the fried fish cakes, plus the green color of cilantro, the smell of pepper is fragrant, when eating can be squeezed. a slice of lemon, add a little chili sauce to make it bold.

price : 30.000 ~~~
address : 11 Vạn Kiếp ,Binh Thanh District 

open – close : 14:00-23:00



6.  Dalat House – Mỳ Quảng

Central specialties quang noodle

The day before, I heard that there was a restaurant selling Da Lat noodles in Saigon that ate very well, so I came to try it out. We say the combination of vegetables and bone broth creates a light sweet taste, the minced meat is absorbed in the tower with a rich taste, you have to copy it to see what the ingredients are complete with strange aroma. Bite on a piece of fatty pork rolls, the chicken is truly our chicken and then marinated. The shrimp is soaked in the tower, and the quail eggs are left with a sweet piece of water and a delicious cake. Get a bowl of Dalat House mixed right away. The price of a bowl of 35-45k, a special mixed bowl, always costs 60k / bowl. Address for everyone to eat offline: Dalat House at 221/1 Le Van Van District 3


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price : 35..000 – 60.000 ~~~
address : 221/1 Le Van Van District 3

open – close : 14:00-23:00




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