Traveling tips: The coffee shop is “built” on an old tree with the name “unique” in Mien Tay.

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Taking advantage of the tall trees next to the tower, the professor designed a unique cafe on the tree, so that he can drink coffee on the tree while blocking the river.

This unique cafe is located on the bank of the embankment of Hau river, Nɪn Ki District (Can Tho City). The shopkeeper is Ms. Dang Ky Quy (58 years old), a man who has been working for a long time in Can Toi has returned to save. Although her hometown did not live here, because she loved this land, she decided to live and settle in Can To.

cafe song thodocx 1616349689671

The restaurant has been opened since October 2018 with the desire to create successes in harmony with the name and highlight the beauty of the waterways of the garden, combining the functional requirements of the works with the hand of the temple. Professor.

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With a unique design, the restaurant is both a place to relax, enjoy coffee beans and the distinctive name of Can To town on the banks of the Hau River.

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At the same time, here is also a number of specialties for literature, materials, and productions of Na Bo region, Can Tu is also supported by tourists. Over 3 months from the coffee shop, the biggest one is the public force that has carried out the same public activities as before. Therefore, the police officer always supervises the public road to ensure the correct design: Do not destroy any tree in a straight line, reverse, guard and guard. Continuity.

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The special feature is the unique design of the nest and the arrangement of the wooden table with the name of the tree reaches a unique c góceck-ɪn corner. Eating and drinking while resting with peace of mind, moving from the tops of the ancient trees is a visiting person to the west of the river.
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The restaurant serves potable drinks: Coffee, milk, juice, assorted drinks, and peaches. The special characteristic is that the pigments are from the specialty plants of the West Na Bo region, the country: Soursop, caᴍ, cau, xoi, … In the past, the restaurant served a number of types of local people: semi-semi-traditional, semi-semi-semi-traditional, … But recently, due to a lot of problems, the restaurant stopped serving specialties in the region.

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