The most popular taxi booking and technology car calling app in Viet Nam

🚙 When mentioning technology taxis, we immediately think of Grab – an extremely popular application not only in Vietnam but also in other Southeast Asian countries. However, besides Grab, there are also other applications in Vietnam to help users get the best experience and prices
🚖 1. Grab – Good price technology car booking application1.Grab
🚕 Grab is one of the taxi and technology vehicle applications being used by many Vietnamese and foreign customers. This online taxi booking application has a large number of drivers, so the pick-up speed is quite fast and customers can track the driver through the map integrated on the application. In addition, Grab also supports payments through many different forms. However, Grab’s car fares are often unstable and will often increase surcharges during peak hours or bad weather.
🚖 2. Mai Linh taxi application – Take a safe, quality taxi
2.Mai Linh
🚕 This is an application that specializes in helping customers book Mai Linh cars right on their phones. Currently, this taxi booking app is providing 3 main services: calling a 4-seat – 7-seat taxi, car rescue and car rental. Mai Linh taxi application offers customers many incentive programs as well as providing long-distance car booking services. However, customers can only book Mai Linh taxis, there are not many options and cannot compare prices between other car companies.
🚖 3. Gojek – Popular technology ride-hailing app
🚕 The next taxi booking app we want to introduce to you is Gojek. This is an application invested and developed by GO-JEK company. Similar to Grab, this application also provides the main services of booking technology vehicles, booking 7-seat and 4-seat taxis as well as delivery and food delivery. This application also has the same advantages as Grab such as supporting online payments and providing a variety of incentive programs. However, the number of technology drivers is less than Grab, so it will be quite difficult to find a driver. Also, fares increase during peak periods and bad weather.
🚖 4. Be – Cheap taxi booking application
🚕 Even though Be has only recently entered the Vietnamese market after Grab and GO-Viet, Be still wins the trust of a certain number of customers. Currently, this taxi application is providing two main ride-hailing services: BeBike (booking a two-wheeled vehicle) and beCar (booking a four-wheeled vehicle). This application is known for its car booking service to the province with reasonable fees. However, because the application has just been launched, the number of drivers is not many and there is no feature to support trip payment with domestic bank cards.
🚖 5. Vinasun – Taxi calling application on the phone
🚕 This is a taxi booking application developed by Vinasun Joint Stock Company. This application allows customers to proactively book Vinasun cars very simply via a phone connected to the network. Customers can use the electronic payment feature on the application as well as use the periodic discount program for member accounts. However, like Mai Linh’s taxi booking app, customers can only book Vinasun taxis, without a variety of car companies for passengers to compare and choose.
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