Traveling tips: Roadtrip from Saigon to Vung Tau



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Traveling to Vung Tau by motorbike is an interesting experience that you should try.

1. Saigon Road – National Highway 1A – Highway 51 – Vung Tau

The specific route is as follows: If you start from the center of Saigon, you will move through Dien Bien Phu Street, cross the Saigon Bridge to enter the Hanoi Highway (Xa lộ Hà Nội). From Hanoi Highway, run straight to the end of Dong Nai Bridge and turn right onto Highway 51 (QL 51). Just go straight along Highway 51, you will reach the center of Vung Tau. With this road the total route is about 100km and takes about 3 hours to travel.

This is a traditional route that for those who have not been to Vung Tau or are not familiar with the road often choose. The advantage of this road is that it has many signs and is quite safe and easy to go. But on the contrary, there are not too many beautiful scenes for you to enjoy or check in.


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There are many roads moving from Saigon to Vung Tau.

2. Supply the way through Cat Lai ferry

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On the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Contrary to the above Highway 51, the option to cross the Cat Lai ferry shortens up to 20km, so this is the route chosen by many people who know the way. The road is a bit confusing, so you can follow the instructions below:

Pass Thu Thiem tunnel-> Go straight Mai Chi Tho Street ->  turn to Dong Van Cong ->Going straight Dong Van Cong will reach Truong Thi Dinh street. This is Cat Lai ferry, you go in there to buy tickets and wait for the shore. From side to side it only takes about 15 minutes, the fare depends on the type of vehicle.

Once you have passed the Cat Lai ferry, you will run into Le Thai To Street. After about 5km, you will turn right to Tran Van Tra Street. Go straight until the intersection then turn right onto Quach Thi Trang.

Go on Quach Thi Trang street about 4km, turn right to Ton Duc Thang and go straight 14km to reach Highway 51. From here go another 60km to the center of Vung Tau.

This road is quite troublesome for those who are new to the road. So if you go a lot of people you should run slowly and follow the group. Avoid getting lost will make it difficult to find a way out. The total length of this route is 93km with a travel time of about 2.5 hours.

3. Long Son – Vung Tau street supply

Just like the Saigon – National Highway 1A – Highway 51 – Vung Tau, but with a little change in the route, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful scenes along the way. For those who want to see with their own eyes the simplicity of the coastal floating fishing village or the vast salt barn, this is the Long Son – Vung Tau street is the best choice.


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The coastal roads are breathtakingly beautiful.

Specifically, go from the center of Saigon over the Saigon Bridge to enter the Hanoi highway ->  Continue to run straight on the Hanoi Highway to the end of Dong Nai Bridge ->  turn right to Highway 51 -> Going on Highway 51 will turn right on Truong Sa, Long Son ->  keep going you will reach Vung Tau city. On the way you should visit the fishing village, eat seafood or banh can together. About freshness will certainly not disappoint you. Not only in the beautiful new city, but the coastal scenery on the road also easily captivates tourists.

This road is less traffic, but the section from Highway 51 turns into Truong Sa, Long Son will be a bit difficult to go and if you get lost, it is also difficult to find. So go in groups to make sure you don’t waste time looking for your way. The total length of this road is 100km, travel time is about 2.5 hours – 3 hours.


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Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere right on the roads.

4. My Xuan Crossroads – Suoi Nghe – Vung Tau Sheep Field

Suoi Nghe sheep field was a popular place on social networks for a while. Everyone wants to have some pictures taken with this famous flock of sheep. You don’t have to go to Vung Tau and start moving to the sheep field, you can choose the My Xuan – sheep field – Vung Tau crossroads to explore right on the way.

You will move the familiar route from the center of Saigon to Highway 51 -> turn to My Xuan junction, go on to Suoi Nghe sheep field -> go straight to the center of Vung Tau. On the way, you can ask the people because of the famous sheep field place, so everyone seems to know. The most limited point of this road is going a bit far, the total length is about 110km and it takes 3 hours – 3.5 hours to travel.


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Traveling with friends in Vung Tau – why not?

Vung Tau is an interesting destination that any tourist or a fan of food enthusiasts should visit once. Especially when the distance from Saigon to Vung Tau is only about 100km. Choose the most suitable route to explore this beautiful coastal city with friends and relatives!!!

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