From romantic love to admiration for the Vietnamese people and culture: Dunggee and Vy Pham

Dung and Vy

           Dung gee and his wife Vy Pham, two well-known figures on the popular software platform Tiktok with more than 2 millions followers, are household names in Vietnam. Aside from the humorous videos that are popular among today’s youth, everyone must adore the beautiful love story.

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The fairy tale of Dung Gee and Vy Pham has been widely publicized. He has conquered all geographical and linguistic boundaries in order to seek his true love. He is particularly fond of Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Dung adores Vietnamese street food, sidewalk pubs, and the friendly faces he sees all across the city.

Pham Vy revealed that she met her husband at a bar on his birthday, but that she did not leave a lasting impact. Following that, the two were destined to cross paths again just before Dung Gee returned to Australia. Despite the geographical difference, they decided to get to know each other more after this talk. After returning to Australia, the two continued to text and converse for three months, but no official confession was made.

During this time, Dung Gee also realized that his partner does not enjoy long-distance relationships. He swiftly made plans to leave his homeland Australia for Vietnam in order to follow his heart’s desire. In his love relationship with Pham Vy, he proudly demonstrated his love and devotion.


In addition to the intimate, hilarious material and natural interaction between the two in Dung – Vy’s videos, Dung’s Vietnamese speaking skill and Vy’s distinctive English-Vietnamese blend propelled the video to the climax, affecting the emotions of viewers.

        Dung Gee has been a V2L student for nearly a year, which is something that few people are aware of. Dung received not just regular academic education at V2L, but also cultural enrichment through courses designed to suit students’ work and needs, with learners at the core of the program. Vietnamese is a basic language. V2L contributed to Dung’s video content creation by providing linguistic amenities such as slang, idioms, Internet language, and so on.


         Language skills have vastly increased in a short period of time. Dung knows how to use Vietnamese to suit the context and interact effectively with fans.


        One of the most memorable moments of V2L with Dung was when he discussed his motive for enrolling in Vietnamese: he wanted to speak in Vietnamese to show his love for Vy’s family.


Through the classes, V2L has observed his dedication and earnestness, and as a result of their debut, the two are now living together.
“If a foreigner knows Vietnamese, it will be simpler to develop sympathy and make a better first impression because the love for the country and people is shown via language acquisition,” Dung said.


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