Vietnam is a culinary heaven as well as a fantastic place to work and retire: Troy Griffiths

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        Troy Griffiths works for Savills, a leading real estate firm in Vietnam, as a Deputy General Manager. He appears serious, but no one expected him to be a really humorous individual with an optimistic and lively attitude who is passionate about Vietnam.

        The story began in 2010, when he arrived in Vietnam for the first time. He was only supposed to stay for a 2 years after his business transfer from Australia to Vietnam, but more than ten years have gone and he still adores everything about this country. “I’m falling in love with the tropical climate of Southeast Asia and the Vietnamese culture, including food and beer. ” – Troy shared

His admiration for Vietnamese people and culture deepens as he spends more time in Vietnam. This is evidenced by the fact that the majority of his pals are Vietnamese.


When questioned why he wants to learn Vietnamese while nowadays so many Vietnamese people can speak English well, if not fluently. Troy mentioned: “Most of my friends are Vietnamese.  While they all speak excellent English, it’s not cool for them to use their second language on account of 1 non Vietnamese speaker.  This is particularly obvious at family events and gatherings, having to translate or modify to English, rather than rolling through in the home language”

     Traveling by air may be the logical choice for some affluent people, but Troy chooses his own way.
Troy, who has a vibrant and outgoing personality, considers riding motorbikes on the highways of Vietnam to be a fantastic experience. As a result, in addition to speaking with friends, he also can use his Vietnamese language skills to communicate with locals in whatever region he visits.

Troy learned about V2L through a friend’s recommendation, and after speaking with Tien, the company’s founder, he decided to join the V2L family.

“It’s great!  I’ve tried other class formats, the difference with Tien is her flexibility and enthusiasm.”- Troy said.


              V2L attempts to provide as much flexibility as possible to busy people like Troy; we can come to their house or study in a pub on occasion. Students can have a glass of beer while learning information and putting it into practice right away.

Furthermore, the amount and content of knowledge is not predetermined and is not taught at the same time to all students, but is adapted to each one. It all depends on the student’s ability to absorb information as well as his or her area of interest.


      All materials are submitted directly to the internet, and the tutor is in charge of constructing the lesson’s teaching tools. All students need to do is show up in a cheerful manner.

       According to Troy, Vietnam is a country with significant economic development potential, as well as a place with numerous professional prospects and a place worth living in for long term. It also expresses a desire to retire to a tranquil and lovely country like Vietnam.

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 Troy may use his Vietnamese language skills at work in addition to interacting with friends. Most of his customers and collaborators are Vietnamese, and this adaption has helped him achieve success since they appreciate his efforts to learn Vietnamese and respect him more as a result.





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