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Careers in different field


1. Kiến trúc và kỹ thuật – Architecture and Engineering: Kiến trúc sư – Architect Kỹ sư – Engineer Thiết kế nội thất – Furrniture desginer Công nhân – Worker 2. Nghệ thuật và Giải trí – Art and Entertainment: Ca sĩ – Singer Người mẫu – Model Nhà sản xuất – Producer Thiết kế […]

Common Expressions

conversation 3

Chào hỏi- Greeting: 1. Chào – Hi/ Bye /Chao/ (Vietnamese people do not really say Good morning /Good afternoon/ Good evening) Chào – Hi but More common / natural 2.Tạm Biệt– Good bye /Tam biet/ 3. Xin lỗi – Excuse me, sorry. /Sin loi/ 4. Không Sao – No problems. (When people say sorry) /khong […]

Basic Vietnamese Pronounciation


The Vietnamese Alphabet The letters in the National language are traditionally pronounced as a, be, xe,…. but nowadays we also can pronounce as: a, bo, co,… The vowel system in the Vietnamese language There are 10 main vowels (included y): The vowels (base on each column) have the similar (position of the tongue) and the […]

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